Dynamics NAV, Navision. The Microsoft ERP solution for your business.


In a world where companies need to be connected, the renowned Microsoft Dynamics Nav software works with more than 100,000 SMEs around the world, being one of the most popular because it easily adapts to any business sector.

Navision has the basic features of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System), becoming the most comprehensive program to improve productivity, company control, internal management and other relevant aspects.

Want to know more about Navision and its features? Here’s a rich analysis of Microsoft Dynamics Nav, Business Central, how it works, its advantages, features, and what it’s priced in Spain.

What is Microsoft Dynamics Nav?
Microsoft Dynamics NAV, also known as Navision and Business Central (since 2019), is an ERP designed as a comprehensive solution for small and medium-sized businesses, enabling more advanced sales management, better finance structure, more relationships significant advancement in areas such as manufacturing, supply chain and e-commerce.

Benefits of Navision
As an ERP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers a number of advantages that every modern enterprise should have. Do you want better management, process automation and successful marketing?

Navision Business Central is the fastest, simplest, most intuitive and dynamic way to get this and other benefits. Pay attention!

Navision equals a comprehensive solution
It covers the various processes that address key areas within a company, such as finance, supply chain management, projects, human resources, sales and marketing. Having all this information in one system, it is more accessible and allows the coordination of all departments of the company.

Accurate information within reach
Among the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics Nav software is the fast and reliable gain of information about the company, managing accounting and analytical reports more accurately without the need to go through long processes in search data or records.

Optimize decision-making
Having a catalog of tools, solutions, information and options, facilitates and improves decision-making within a company. With Navision it is possible to get specific analyses and reports on a specific area and from there, it is more feasible to make an appropriate decision for that area.

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Speed and improvements
Task assignment and inventory control are some of the examples that can be improved using Navision’s intuitive interface.

Each employee will have access to documents, information, and other items that they require to perform their tasks independently, with the primary goal of increasing their performance.

In addition, using Microsoft Dynamics Nav Business Central it is possible to know for sure the available products and inventory status, as well as any movement of entry or exit from the warehouse.

Discover the features of Microsoft Dynamics Nav
The last update received by Navision software was in December 2018. The release of the new features and functions made a great impact and very good feedback from users.

This is the latest version of this well-known ERP that will bear the nickname Business Central.

Having tools that present the business solutions we need is one of the easiest ways to start using technology to our advantage. Find out what the features of Microsoft Dynamics Nav are!

Customization: one of the most valued qualities by customers is the personalization of services. With Navision, it is possible to adapt the workspace on our computer. The opportunity to move, hide and organize fields and columns is a good way to work more comfortably and increase our work performance.

Low costs: Dynamics Nav’s innovative automated guides achieve seamless integration with the Dynamics 365 for Sales system. Implementation costs are minimal, enabling smart investments that make the SME a large national enterprise.

Productivity: The latest update to this ERP software integrated a Power BI and Microsoft Flow reporting feature to automate staff tasks and improve management within the enterprise. Best of all, you don’t need to have programming knowledge to use these new features.

Agile process: In 2018, Microsoft Excel report templates were added as a way to leverage this service to recognize article images. In addition, the latest version of Navision introduced improvements in optical character recognition capability, making it easier to process with digitized documents.


Tracking: With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can have accurate and up-to-date reports on point-in-time situations in your company, such as backorders. In the same way, it is easier to manage issues such as delays, purchase invoices, requisitions, sales and negotiation with suppliers.

Options and costs: Navision price
Navision offers the option to opt for two types of licenses: subscription and proprietary licenses. Both have major differences such as controlability, software law, usability, functions, and time of use.

When we opt for the purchase option, we have the software under our control, allowing unlimited time usage. The installation is done on-site and will therefore require knowledge for implementation and maintenance.

On the other hand, the subscription system is based on making monthly payments. The deployment is very simple as the system is hosted in the cloud. The customer will not incur any additional costs arising from maintenance.

The payment for the purchase of licenses on the property is divided into two classes: the basic one that has a one-time cost of 3750 euros and the advanced one that has a price of 7500 euros.

Likewise, the prices of the Navision subscription are monthly and flexible, being divided into 3 different forms of Cloud rates: the full Starter user with prices from 71o/month, the full extended for 79o/month and the limited from 49o/month*.

Each of these prices are subject to official Microsoft Business Central rates and do not include VAT.

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