Bewe, the solution for the aesthetics and wellness sector


Bewe is a software for hairdressers and beauty centers that gathers all the necessary functionalities for daily management. You will have a lively and dynamic agenda, it will be easy to keep the accounting. And the main thing: you will always have updated the stock and the customer database, two key aspects for the sector. We invite you to know the most important features of Bewe.

The essence of Bewe
Bewe allows you to spend most of your time with customers, who are the key to your business. Every detail of this software is designed to make administration simple and agile and to avoid complications. Users of any business always demand efficiency, and you have to dedicate as much time as possible. With this system you will be able to give immediate answers to queries of any kind, since you will have the information «at hand».

Some highlights of Bewe:

Bewe is hosted in the cloud, so it’s possible to access your content from anywhere, anytime. It can be used through a web browser or from the mobile or tablet app available on Android and iOS.
Integrates all the features into one program. From one system, you’ll control the whole business.
It has ongoing help and technical support to address inconveniences and doubts. The software has a chat for customer service. Ensures a job in a safe and uninterrupted environment.

Bewe customizes the App to your needs
What is this customization?

  • Use your corporate colors.
  • Incorporate real photos of your business.
  • Record the data of your company’s professionals, and their schedules.
  • Make up a block of general information about your services.

One-click bookings
Bewe is an ideal solution for the organization of schedules and appointments:

LEER MAS   Security in clinical management in the Cloud

The current clientele wants more options than the classic phone call to make a reservation, and also, if possible, not to be able to rely on a telephone opening hours. From the website or the App you can register your requests at any time, and you will receive a confirmation.
It integrates with Facebook, on the wall of this social network a button is enabled for bookings.

It makes it easy to track customers and notify your appointments. You will have always available information about each client’s last visit, what services they received, and useful case feedback. Communication will be smooth and satisfactory.

Various collection options
With Bewe, the customer can pay by card, cash or check, the system allows all payment systems. In addition, you can manage your POS software with or without an internet connection.

Billing, expense control and cash flow
With this tool, the process of a transaction will be smooth and without delay:

  • Bewe issues printed and digital invoices.
  • Manage the cash and control expenses.
  • Manages debts and keeps lists of uncollected amounts up-to-date.
  • Other useful features
  • Inventory control, with reports of how many products are in stock, by category.
  • Reports on how the business is progressing. You’ll be able to analyze what your weaknesses are and what aspects you need to strengthen.
  • It has marketing and customer loyalty tools.

How much does Bewe cost?
You can ask Bewe for a free demo of their program without obligation. The standard version has a price of 29 euros per month, with discount of two monthly payments if you choose to pay a full annuity.


You also have the option to customize the program according to the characteristics of your business, therefore, the price will be variable and will depend on your requirements.

Customer support and support
Bewe offers several customer service and support channels:

  • Website. With complete information about the details of the software.
  • Bewe keeps a chat available with response in less than five minutes
  • Social media. Bewe is present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Spread new features and answer queries.
  • It has a YouTube channel in which it presents tutorial videos organized in modules.

Email. It is accessed through the web.
Personalized attention. When you subscribe to Bewe, you’re assigned a person in charge of your account who will be available to help you.

What do Bewe users think?
Bewe users emphasize that with this software they have optimized the resources and have improved the profitability of their aesthetic center. It is very easy to use and allows you to view all the company information in real time. The booking system is very useful and efficient. Another highly valued aspect is stock control, which helps to avoid the lack of products.

The weak point is the App with a note of a 2.1 out of 5 in the Play Store. The ratings that can be read indicate frequent restarts and lack of fluency.

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