Security in clinical management in the Cloud


There is no doubt that maintaining and guaranteeing at all times the security of the personal and clinical data of each and every patient has always been one of the great priorities of medical professionals for the correct clinical management. Health centers and medical professionals are responsible for ensuring the protection, confidentiality and integrity of their patients’ data, a truly essential step in providing the best patient care.

While unfortunately there are still many health centres that do not comply 100% with the protection of sensitive data of their patients, more and more clinics and medical centers are aware of the consequences and harsh penalties for non-compliance with LOPD (Organic Data Protection Law). In this respect, having medical software in the cloud offers great advantages.

It is important to note that even if health centers are storing more and more sensitive data and information from their patients, this increase in the volume of data stored and archived does not have to increase the risk of occurring attacks, breaches of privacy or access by unauthorized personnel, clinical management in the Cloud

In addition, for many health centers, the concern to ensure maximum protection of their clinical data is growing when deploying medical software in the cloud.

Benefits of clinical management in the cloud
It is undeniable to say that the benefits that the Cloud has brought to the security of clinic information is more than evident. The Cloud allows authorized personnel to easily and quickly access patient data through medical software while blocking unauthorized access. It enables the secure storage of all data and information, and ensures maximum security in every action taken.

The data is stored in Data Centers where they are guarded by armed security personnel, so physical access to information is totally impossible. In worse conditions, data is stored on a server within the clinic. In addition, computer security is really professionalized and constantly monitored in a Data Center like Microsoft or Amazon, on the other hand, on many local servers there is no computer security, no firewalls, no encryption data…


Medical software in the cloud to carry out the clinical management of a health center helps to significantly reduce medical or technological errors that may occur, since this type of systems allows healthcare professionals the option to quickly, quickly and immediately share the patient’s medical history as well as those results obtained in the tests. Cloud clinic software greatly increases effectiveness and effectiveness, so they can spend more time servicing patients.

There is no doubt that medical systems in the cloud have such potential that they are able to revolutionize the world of health, and in fact they are progressively achieving it. Still, unfortunately, many medical centers still don’t trust to transfer all data and information to a cloud server. But why? The answer lies in security.

Operating in the cloud: a challenge, a solution
Despite the great security offered by medical programs in the cloud, no mistake is to be made, as blocking all existing threats is a challenge. It is obvious that it is key that personal and clinical data, as well as other sensitive data, must be protected against any threat or intrusion, always complying with the LOPD (Organic Data Protection Law). Implementing appropriate administrative and technical security controls will keep sensitive applications and data secure without any inconvenience.

Cloud Security: Cloud Computing
The success of deploying medical software in a health center will depend primarily on the safety of it. Safety is essential. Adopting the necessary safety measures is key to avoid problems and maintain proper clinical management. Among the security measures to be carried out, the following elements must be highlighted:

  • Support for security services
  • Limiting administrative access to sensitive patient information
  • Implement an integrated firewall
  • Increase perimeter security
  • Data encryption
  • Daily backups
  • clinical management in the Cloud
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It is not surprising that the world of health is one of the most regulated, it is precisely for this reason that complying perfectly with the current regulations is presented as a key point. The cloud is able to meet and adapt to any regulatory requirement as long as it focuses on following appropriate practices:

  • Protect all sensitive patient data
  • Develop a security control framework
  • Developing accountability matrices
  • Implement a continuous monitoring program

Cloud Performance
While safety and compliance are the priorities of any health center that deploys medical software in the cloud, you shouldn’t forget to keep the infrastructure itself in mind. In other words, it is necessary to have a system in the cloud that guarantees high performance in order to provide immediate access to the data of each patient when it is needed, the speed of driving with the computer is very important for keep clinic staff working efficiently, as well as helping to make significant gains.

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