Most people who have no knowledge of medicine see health professionals as omnipotent gurus who have access to a secret language.
Here’s how they see you:

«Doctors are able to read symptoms in my system and diagnose a disease. Most importantly and almost magically, following its recommendations I can eliminate diseases!»

It’s shocking, isn’t it?
Dear reader, if you are a likely medical professional you are so used to your work routine that you do not perceive the scope of your work.

The people who, with your help, heal every day, look at you with gratitude. And this emotion creates a strong bond of trust; However, how do you get the thousands of people who don’t know your services and need them to come to you? I give you a direct and simple answer: with inbound marketing.

Keys to inbound marketing for health centers
I can’t see the issue of inbound marketing in any sector, let alone healthcare.

A healthcare professional is not a cream merchant, nor a brush seller. Health is a sensitive aspect, a human right and not a vanity commodity. Therefore, inbound communication for medical centers is weaved with a network of content and techniques that respect the moment of despair in feeling a human being when he intuits sick, and at the same time help him to find a comfortable, easy, immediate solution that redeal their anguish. That solution is you.

Inbound marketing with its commitment to digital content allows potential patients to get to know you; stay informed of your services; see the outcome of your work – as far as possible without violating privacy issues. We’re interested in users feeling confident and respectful of you.

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The web as a dynamic and conversion space
The website with the typical static pages (who we are, what we do, contact…) and that were updated once every five years no longer work to attract customers.

The web must be a dynamic storefront. You must offer content in various formats and update them on a regular basis. Now it is essential to have a news space or a blog where the news of your center and the sector appear.

Services must present you in nice formats (videos, presentations, podcast). And tearing down the scary weird words, with clear examples and simple explanations.

Your website should always show something new in relation to your professional history or that of the center. You can comment on what diagnostic tools you use, what diseases are treated, give captivating and educational stories of how to prevent disease.

It is also important to have landing pages and calls to action (CTA):
«Subscribe to our newsletter and we inform you how to better take better care of your dental health»
«Try a free consultation now and we’ll check your breasts. Get your free mammogram now»

CTAs will have them leave us their details to start a relationship.

SEO is vital to success
All the contents that you upload to the web must be optimized to be easily found by search engines.

At Media Source we take care of our customers publishing content with the latest SEO parameters. Efforts to create content are of no use if they are not indexable.

Thanks to HubSpot, the software we use, we have an arsenal of resources to ensure that all those visits that come in thanks to good SEO, do not leave without receiving a footprint from your health center.

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Learning time and follow-up of results

One of the greatest benefits of the inbound methodology is the ease with which results are tracked. We can capture the interaction of your patients and potential patients on the web, in real time.

We can count conversions and define them beforehand. These can be conversions:

  • an appointment with the specialist;
  • a subscription to the newsletter;
  • a phone call to ask for information;
  • a download of a document; views of explanatory videos of certain medical procedures…

Inbound marketing is a strategy for generating leads, contacts or leads (choose whatever you want to call it). But the work does not end there, but converts these leads into patients thanks to a continuous process of nutrition of the relationship.

If you want to know in detail, how inbound marketing for health centers, hospitals and clinics increases the number of patients and improves your professional image.


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